Am I being funded with real money?

At Genesis Forex Funds, we prioritize transparency within this category, and the concise answer is no. Unlike standard proprietary funding firms typically found on Wall Street, traditional prop firms in the forex industry operate under a distinct model. When traders join traditional forex prop firms, they do not receive actual capital in their Eightcap Trading Platform accounts. When traders reach the “live trader” stage, they engage in simulated/demo trading. They are compensated with commissions in exchange for positive performance during this program phase, adhering to program rules. While performance commissions are disbursed to paper traders in the “live trader” stage, the trade data generated by live traders can be leveraged and employed for additional gains by duplicating these trades into the firm’s proprietary fund. This allows traders to offer their services as “data analysts” to the firm, rendering them eligible for commission payouts ranging from 50% to 80%. These percentages fluctuate based on the value of each trader’s trading data, determined by their performance and regular commission earnings. Market conditions are supplied by a third-party price provider, Eightcap, which traders can use to enhance their skills and earnings based on their performance after successfully completing the evaluation stage and advancing to become a “live trader.” On occasion, we may refer to the “live trader” stage as “funded.” It’s important to note that any mention of a “funded” stage refers to a paper trading account funded with simulated live conditions.